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18 August 2005 @ 02:35 pm
ZiffLeads Partners with Leading Business Search Engine & Directory to Offer Pay-Per-Phone Call Adver  
TheBizPlace.com already offering new advertising format to clients in custom format via ZiffLeads existing API

Pleasanton, Calif. (PRWEB) August 18, 2005 –- ZiffLeads, a leading pay-per-phone call (PPCall) system provider and advertising network, www.ZiffLeads.com, announced a partnership with www.TheBizPlace.com, a leading business search engine and directory to offer a pay-per-call advertising option to TheBizPlace clients.

Advertisers can self-register for the pay-per-phone call service at www.TheBizPlace.com website and their PPCall ads will be displayed throughout the TheBizPlace Network to high quality, highly targeted business traffic. TheBizPlace customized the service through ZiffLeads comprehensive API that gives access to all the system’s functions including account and ad creation, price setting, funds deposit, availability management and call activity reporting.

PPCall combines the most attractive aspect of pay-per-click advertising, lead-based performance-only billing, with the most meaningful and transparent billing action for many businesses, the phone call. Called the “next big thing” in Internet advertising, the pay-per-call advertising market in the US is projected to grow to as much as US$4 billion by 2009, according to a June 2005 Kelsey Group report.

“We are excited to have TheBizPlace integrate our ZiffLeads platform to expand their advertising options for their clients," ZiffLeads CEO Gopesh Kumar remarked. “Their reach and market focus combined with our PPCall platform technology is a great match.”

“Our advertisers are very enthused about pay-per-call advertising and ZiffLeads offered us an unparalleled platform to implement it in terms of speed, flexibility, opportunity and support,” Scott Long, CEO of TheBizPlace.com, explained.

ZiffLeads’ unique experience and infrastructure in Internet-to-telephone call connection technologies, developed through its core applications www.ZiffTalk.com and www.Click4Advisor.com, provide Internet publishing partners a fully developed platform to ‘Go Live’ ultra-quick and super-efficiently with their own customized pay-per-call advertising solution. For more details, visit www.ZiffLeads.com.

About ZiffLeads
ZiffLeads, a product of SPG Solutions, based in Pleasanton, Calif., is a leading pay-per-phone call lead technology platform and advertising network based on the company’s core Internet to Telephone call connection technologies. SPG Solutions has been connecting online and offline client-business interactions, with tracking, reporting and transaction capabilities since 2001 and supports over 10,000 clients worldwide through its www.ZiffLeads.com, www.ZiffTalk.com, www.Click4Advisor.com platforms. For more information or a demonstration of the service please visit www.ZiffLeads.com.

About TheBizPlace.com
TheBizPlace.com, part of the Entrepreneur's Place Community, provides its business and entrepreneurial audience with a robust, business-specific directory and search technology and its advertisers with paid link advertising directed at highly targeted traffic through a relevant keyword match in partnership with its network of branded business websites and toolbars. The size, reach, and composition of this network is unique in the search community and the direct result of an unparalleled network of thousands of revenue sharing partner websites and BizBar.com toolbars publishing TheBizPlace search results. For more information regarding available partnerships or to begin advertising please visit www.TheBizPlace.com.