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01 April 2005 @ 11:56 am
TalkingSites Introduces Voice-over Service for Website Owners  
TalkingSites.net Introduces a Professional Voice-over Service for Website Owners, Online Stores and Auction Sellers

Until now websites have been limited to conveying content through text and pictures only. Now TalkingSites.net offers the third dimension of speech to assist in building trust and confidence through the use of professional voice-over talent or by using the voice of the website owner directly.

(PRWEB) April 1, 2005 -- Every online seller is asking the same question. How do I make my product or service stand out from the crowd?

The Answer...TalkingSites.net. Website owners, online stores and auction sellers alike have the opportunity to add a professional voice-over announcement to their websites or auction listings.

Building trust means more sales. The time from which a visitor enters a site and exits is precious. It is now up to the site owner to make that all important first impression. Once a visitor has decided that a website has what is needed or wanted, it is then a matter of gaining trust and confidence. Although the written word can describe features, only the spoken word can add emotion which until now has not been an option. The equation is simple trust + confidence = $ The more trust and confidence built in a short period, the greater the sales realized and the more money made. The TalkingSites.net professional voice-over announcers help do just that.

"The broadcasting industry has always made mention of reach and frequency. This simply refers to the number of listeners and how often they receive the message" says Bruce McGuinn, founder and CEO of Talking Sites division of Access Resources. "It is no different for online marketing. By adding audio to a website, it is possible to reach not only those visitors who comprehend what they read, but also those who understand more..by listening. Frequency will be increased with the use of voice-overs by making websites site stand out and therefore, have the best opportunity for return visitors."

How Much Do They Remember?
- People remember only 10% of what they read
- People remember only 20% of what they hear
- People remember 50% of what they read and hear
- It has been found that audio increases a website visitor's attention span by 45%
- 79% of internet users have computers with audio capabilities
- 98% of internet users have the Macromedia Flash plug-in

Consider these uses
- Website introduction
- New product or service announcements
- Customer testimonials
- Announce promotions and product or service descriptions
- Online store or auction promotions
- Real estate listings and audio tours
- Press releases
- Give directions to the store

The TalkingSites.net professional voice-over talents have had years of experience doing radio commercials, industrial presentations and corporate voice mail recordings to mention just a few. Upon receipt of the client's copy (written text), professional announcers will record the announcement using state of the art recording equipment. The recording can also be mixed with background music.

The finished product will then be processed and encoded using mp3 streaming audio compression to provide the smallest possible file sizes resulting in fast loading pages. The client is then emailed 2 files. The first being the audio file itself and the second being the controller file which allows the visitor to start and stop the announcement. These files will need to be uploaded to the client server along with a small piece of HTML code to be pasted into the body of the web page. Alternatively, TalkingSites.net can upload the files and paste the code for the client at no additional cost. That's all there is to it! As soon as a visitor enters the site the client can either elect to have the audio begin immediately or upon clicking the start button on the controller.

Professional voice-over talent in conventional surroundings command, in many cases, well in excess of $200.00 per hour. Today, however, with the advancement of digital recording, instant file transfer, and the expanding new internet markets ...this service is now available for only $99.95! Additional announcements for subsequent pages on the site are available for $49.95 each.