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B2B Website Marketing Blog

Search Engine Optimization and B2B Website Tips

27 November
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Bill Hartzer is a successful writer and search engine marketing expert who has personally created hundreds of websites over the years. Bill created his first website back in 1996 to help promote his former database software business. It was then when he learned about the power of the search engines and web search, which helped potential customers find his business online.

Bill Hartzer has over 15 years of professional writing experience. He has survived stints as a writer for television, as well as a technical writer for several computer software companies in Florida and in Texas. Mr. Hartzer combines his writing and online skills to create compelling and useful websites for corporations worldwide. Mr. Hartzer focuses on the optimization in the business to business arena, but applies these optimization skills to business to consumer websites, as well.

I spend a lot of time searching on the internet as well as optimizing websites. I realize that this industry is constantly changing because what's acceptable optimization yesterday is not acceptable today. Sometimes it's extremely difficult and frustrating just to make sure your website continues to appear in the results, let alone in the top 10 rankings.

I'm here to help, whether it's a question about optimizing your website or simply finding something using a search engine.

My latest famous online venture is my B2B Marketing website, http://www.corporatewebsitemarketing.com.

More about Bill Hartzer:
Bill Hartzer is President of Hartzer Interactive, a leading full-service interactive marketing firm based in Texas.

Hartzer is a successful writer and search engine marketing expert. During the past fifteen years, some of his many accomplishments include:

• Search Engine Optimization Strategist, Intec Telecom Systems PLC
• Webmaster, Intec Telecom Systems PLC
• Founder, Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association
• Owner/Author, Corporate Web Site Marketing
• Administrator, Search Engine Forums
• Frequent Speaker, Search Engine Strategies Conferences
• Frequent Speaker, WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Search Engine and Internet Marketing Conference

Hartzer has infused Vizion Interactive with his enthusiasm and vision for search marketing. Together with the company’s leaders, Hartzer is focused on developing results-oriented paid and organic search marketing programs to help clients increase visibility, broaden reach and maximize their return on investment.
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